Open Letter to All

I want to take this time now to thank you for what you have done, and for the kind moments of encouragement I will never forget. I wish these simple words would ring strongly throughout your universe, like clear stars that may lighten a dark sky—bright constellations that may help guide or remind with a wink.

I have finally begun writing again, as was once long ago suggested—if for no one else but me and the Eternal Spirit of Creation to hear, but also for the challenge of the act itself. I have even started painting—a childhood desire that I had ignored for so long, and the therapy of those few brief events has rekindled a passion within me, but more, much more— something long since buried within has resurfaced, and now bubbles over into daily experience.

Hope is renewed, where before there seemed none left to spare or to even exist at all. LIFE—that undefinable quality that crawls and flies and walks and breathes or stands still—remains still yet, and I am in wonder of what may be in store for the future. As unknown as it may seem, I can only open myself up to the possibilities of this place in time that we now all share.

As a renewal or awakening can occur to any individual, regardless of circumstance, so let it be as well for this supportive structure of earth that we now so rightly call ‘Home’.

Be well as always



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