The Union of Souls


The relentless rise of the ocean destroys the sand’s propriety.
Or does the land pull the water inward,
longing to be touched once again?
Certainly science declares that the moon has a hand in the tides,
but what is the moon but more land, more dust and dirt?
To do what cannot be done alone,
to project one’s energy outward
and watch the action unfold—eternal voyeurs,
we motes of ‘God’, we creative particles that build
to become what, yet another God-to-be?
Forever seeking outward that which is within,
something greater than a single self
and worthy of praise, adoration, and love.
Yet no true equality exists.
Nowhere are “equal stations” gathered.
For when two are connected on similar terms,
their union creates that which defies equality:
something which is greater than both alone.


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