Classroom Lesson One

“Today we start with the first assignment on your schedule, called ‘Life Management 101’. Before we begin I want you all to know that if I stop or close my eyes and grow quiet, don’t worry. Stay calm. It’s only a moment, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s perfectly natural. Consider it as ‘free-time’ and talk among yourselves if you want.

“Now, let’s begin with the first lesson…”

As the teacher remains silent however, staring straight ahead, a few of the children begin to shift in their seats uncomfortably. Some begin to smile, and some snicker as they look around to nowhere in particular.

The teacher turns his head in several directions, looking wide-eyed and quite solemn. Then seeing the grins and hearing their giggles, a smile slowly begins to form upon his face.

Finally the laughter breaks free and the entire classroom joins in heartily.

“Class is dismissed,” he says, catching his breath. “Now go outside and play.”


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