Channeling Superstitions: The Retreat into Symbolism

This will undoubtedly be an exercise to remain objective and not allow any emotional responses to side-track my reasoning abilities. In other words, I’ll write more compassionately than I feel, considering my disappointment at the type of information that is being given in places throughout this world-wide-web we weave. 

For the record, I’ll explain what actions have brought me to write now: I have just followed a chain of links and websites during a recent search on this vast storehouse and relay of information called the Internet. The original search was in regards to the current state of the world, and of what future events may be on the horizon. The idea that I’d found was a new one to me, called “Project Blue Beam”. This led to several other theories and pages, and eventually I found a website dedicated to the phenomena called Channeling, or as sometimes referred to, “Trance Communication” (I won’t name the site specifically, out of politeness and kindness to those involved).

Unbelievably this new site was unknown to me before, even though I had found other websites and information of a similar vein, usually dismissing them rather quickly, since the information was most often nonsensical or despairingly religious. This new one, however, takes itself very seriously. That is, the information is seen to be “valid as given”, and I saw no further explanations of how the “channeled material” should be viewed, other than to be taken “as is”. No information or postings described that the channeled material was to be taken symbolically or as representative of traditional symbolism.

There, on this site, were ‘archangels’ and ‘cosmic essences’ communicating directly to people, talking to their earthly counterparts from out of the vast reaches of space, speaking directly to people who, by their own descriptions of their personal histories, were very educated or experienced in various esoteric or occult disciplines of some sort or another. I find this strange, and also disheartening in many ways. Such archetypes and images have been used in the past by many people in this type of work, through dream-work and creative pursuits, and it’s fairly easy to find any standardized ‘dream dictionary’ to give possible interpretations of what they mean. But to not stray off-topic, that can wait for some other time.

I do not dismiss their ‘information’ off-hand, nor do not ignore their intentions. From what I have read of the messages that they have received, they seem well-intentioned enough. Actually, more than enough: their ideas are for the good of humanity, for the well-being of the planet and its people, for a productive and healthy future for all people. And yet the problem is, their communications detail an “Ascension” away from this particular physical reality and into another dimension altogether—an escape therefore, from all the poor constructions and troubles that we have created as challenges and opportunities for ourselves. This seems, to me at least, to be a poor way of dealing with our current situations. I may read more of their ideas, but mostly so far that is what I have found.

So of course, since the site is dedicated to “channeling”, I searched through their database for “Seth” and “Jane Roberts”, as they’re considered by others to be the first to begin what is commonly called the “New Age” movement—even though the term itself was never used by Jane/Seth in any of their material to describe their own high-quality work. The results of the search: nothing. No hits whatsoever. I find this quite odd, especially when the entire framework of probabilities, as was discussed in the Seth Material, isn’t mentioned either.

In Jane’s own writings, she had written about the same thing that I am seeing now on that new site: about how inner psychic events are incorrectly assumed to be statements of “fact”, instead of being seen as translations of inner data into terms that could be understood by the personality. Taking a case in point, once a woman wrote to Jane about “the Light” and such, and about how of course Jane would know about it. Shocked that a nice and gifted woman claiming such abilities could just assume a thing, Jane wrote about how the events of the psyche are meant to be symbolic and not taken literally, but rather as an order of events that falls outside of our usual conceptual patterns. Jane even admonishes to herself, “didn’t she question it at all?”

Using common sense, and the reasoning mind, does require an effort. To see beyond symbolism demands an exercise of energy, and sometimes it is easier to just “take things as they come”. I do that myself, sometimes it’s just to let “sleeping dogs lie” where they may. But to compound theories and theories upon this automatic assumption of “it is what it is”, when apparently intelligent enough and possessing abilities of such a nature, to me goes beyond poor judgement. It is almost like deceiving ones’s self, and in the process giving false hope to others.

I guess that I had just assumed that ‘good sense’ would naturally follow an exercise of such unusual skills and abilities, but in this case I’m apparently wrong. It is far easier to take a “vision” or a dream at face-value, and I cannot truly fault anyone for that. I myself don’t take the time to analyse my own dreams or to dive further into the meanings of similar experiences, but certainly I wouldn’t want to think that the events are exactly what they seem to be. I do look for further understanding sometimes as the memories of such events come into my conscious thinking, but more importantly I expect that the knowledge and understanding are already known at some other “level” of awareness, and that such knowledge and understanding—even if I don’t take the time to reason it through or figure out it out—will flow through into daily experience when it becomes necessary, or when it is needed. Faith it seems, is its own reward.

I remember the information given by Jane/Seth, concerning the predictions and actions in regards to what was referred to as the “Second” Coming of the Christ personality: about how many people will fall back into superstition and fanaticism, retreating into past beliefs and symbolism. I see that such is often the case, considering the time-scheme of the supposed prediction, and many people are returning to their previous religions. This new website, well—there are many “channelers” elsewhere who have gone even further with information similar to that within the Seth Material—some who have taken leaps into new areas that had previously been uncharted. I find them to be quite critical in their thinking and understanding, as it was with Jane herself and the approach she took to her own work.

I personally dislike too much withdrawal into symbolism and superstitions however—it becomes a great big ‘whitewash’ and leaves too much unexplained—even if I myself have fallen back into old patterns of thought and words at times. But for me, I knowingly use old concepts and ideas to express a point or mood at any given time or in a poetic way perhaps—and hopefully anyone who may happen to read my work can understand that. It is a hope, it is a belief, and it is an expectation on my part. We can choose how to express ourselves of course and do so freely, but sometimes it is at the expense of that quite-esoteric phenomena known as “common sense”. Perhaps that is the faculty that needs more exercise.

—Peace, and be well M.R.S.