Free Will

“We are all. Free. To do. Whatever. We want. To do.” —Donald Shimoda/Richard Bach 

The right to exercise free will, and choice, must be considered. If an individual isn’t able to make the choice, then that limits their ability to take effective action. Certainly there is no such thing as a victim—we form our own experiences, depending upon what we focus. But if a person is unable to utilize the ability to choose, if they are forced into action that they wouldn’t otherwise choose if they were able to, then that becomes the forced action, and is wrong. To hurt someone, is wrong. To act upon selfish interests in order to gain whatever one chooses, regardless of the impact that it may have on another, is wrong. To limits options, when an individual may not even be aware of what they are doing, is wrong. I choose not to hurt anyone, because I do not wish to be hurt.

“Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness” —thanks Don. I have listened and am grateful for the message—seems that I am not as selfish as once thought…or am I ?

Force, making the choice for another, not giving them the right to choose, is wrong. It’s simple, but must be driven home: just because a person may believe, and thereby create, themselves a victim, that doesn’t afford the “aggressor” the right to “do as he wants”. Responsibility for action then becomes paramount. Important. The exercise of free will. The respect for another’s individuality? A certain amount of detachment then comes into play, so as to not get caught up in the ‘heat of the moment’. To be able to stand on firm ground and take action from a secure place within.

But truly, there is no such thing as “wrong”. There is in the end, only learning through experience. “Wrong” becomes a personal choice. Yet certainly there must be better ways, more productive means of learning. Undoubtably it takes ‘learning through experience’ for that as well. And time…

As theoretically there is an infinite number of choices available, practical action is limited. To effectively operate within daily, conscious life, one cannot know “all the facts”, all of the unlimited ramifications of a choice. It would take too much time to explore what may happen and to see all the possible repercussions. This is basic, this is necessary—one must act in the moment, trusting that the choice will work out well, or redeemed in the greater good intent of All That Is God.

And yet, freedom seems to become limited by the amount of knowledge available, the amount of opportunity, the amount of time available in which to act. It seems to bring into play the tired old debate between free will vs. determinism.

So, it still comes back to freedom, and responsibility. I can choose to act, but that action may affect others in a way that isn’t foreseen, or known. Thus it seems that I must exercise my own free will wisely and in a responsible manner. The basic ideas become important:

—to respect another person—to act spontaneously, which follows the inner good intent which is innate in each individual—to grant others the right to act in full knowledge of themselves—to respect privacy—to treat others as I would truly choose to be treated—to express the Ideals that one has—to live and act in accordance with that Ideal—to recognize the power of individual action—to live in the moment, not the past or future, but the present moment where decisions are finally made and action is expressed—being “grounded” in the moment of the flesh, acting therefore in the present moment, the here-and-now.

Probabilities then, and the love for and trust of one’s self—to not wish to harm myself or others, because the victim today is tomorrow’s aggressor, or yesterday’s. To choose—not to be indifferent or unconcerned, but to choose what action is fulfilling, both to one’s self and to others. To learn, and to experience the results of action and choice.

The basic ideas that have yet been given full notice or attention on all the social levels. There isn’t a perfected system yet. But really, what can a person expect? People still fight each other and kill each other. Still the same old tired and useless arguments: who is right? who is wrong? The same old useless nonsense, so very, very old and fruitless. Give it up already. We need new dreams and ideals, and we need them now!

So I instead choose to act where I am, where I can, and that starts with my own here-and-now. I mean, a drowning man isn’t saved by another drowning man. Someone has to be on sure ground, on sure footing. Or in a good enough boat!

Toss out the rope and grab hold. Sink or swim. If the way is too long, cry for help. If you want. But make a choice. Make a decision and take action. Or not. It’s totally up to you. It’s your call after all.