The Bumpkin Philosophy


I reckon it’s all but shot from here. This ol’ world done went and tore itself apart in two. Figuring the way things are, ain’t much of no body right proud of being alive no more. Seems like everywhere they’s folks talkin’ about “we gotta do this”, and “we gotta do that”, sayin’ we gotta make things better and fix ’em and what not. Heck, might as well just go ahead and call it quits. Iff’n you listen to them hear tell it, it’s so messed up right now they ain’t no hope for this ol’ world no more. 

And they’s always somebody a-preachin’ about the dire things ahead, the crazy shape of the future fixin’ to happen, how we need to go and do something about it. Change it all they say, pray it be better or somebody help us cause we sure far can’t help ourselves. Can’t do nuttten on our own no more. We done got to being helpless and all that old bunch of junk.

And here I thought it was all about tryin’ to live just as you are, the way you was made. Just live and do what you do, long as ya’ don’t hurt nobody or nutten. Shoot, accordin’ to them folks tryin’ to change it all, you might as well go tell the sun to stop being so dang bright and shiny.

Way I figure, they’s two kinds of folks in this world. Them that wanna fix every little thing they can, whether it’s tryin’ to do good, prayin’ to their old man maker and being all active in these social events and movements and what not, and tellin’ other folks what they outta be doing. Do something they say, cause it ain’t right, you ain’t right, so let’s go and fix it.

Then there’s them kind of folks that just wanna be the way they are, come hell or high water. They don’t go gettin’ themselves all worked up for nutten and bent out of shape, cause they ain’t nutten to go get worked up about. Things be just the way they should. Ain’t nutten wrong for ya’ to be worryin’ about.

The second bunch they seem a might bit kinder and friendly-like, not judgin’ ever thing and ever body. Just leave it the way it is they would say, iffen you’d ask ’em. They don’t say much though one way or another about such nonsense, but if you was to ask, why they would sure tell ya’, leave it be. Leave it alone. Stop messing with it. Like I say, they just live to be living, and doing what they do, and don’t see no harm coming to nothing any ol’ ways. They not all right, they ain’t got it all figured, but they close.

The first bunch though, them’s the ones you gotta watch out for. They go and sneak right up on ya’ and tell ya’ exactly how things spose to be. Ya’ gotta gotta gotta. Well, they can go and have all the strugglin’ and strife they want iff’n it makes ’em happy. Suits me just fine. Just don’t speck they the ones you wanna go runnin’ around with. Why, they’d tell you exactly how you spose to run, walk, stand, sit, and all the rest of it. The whole time they be the ones messin’ things up themselves, thinkin’ it’s spose to be this a-ways and it’s not, so let’s keep workin’ to get there, all along forgettin’ about the here-and-now of it all.

I figure a body be much better off with them what live their life all natural-like. Long as they stay in the moment and don’t go hankerin’ on the past and whatever future they say’s a-comin’, we’ll be just fine. Besides, they ain’t nutten to be getting all scared about. It’s not like a fella or this world’s gonna disappear forever. Worse case is, you go and die and then on to the next thing, whatever it is. You can complain there too if ya’ want. Lotta good it’ll do ya’, seeing as how you be the one makin’ it like it is.

So the question is, how you see it then? Are you one of them first bunch or the second bunch of folks? Pretty simple I figure, ain’t nutten to it. Not like it’s a do or die kind of thing. Even if it was, won’t mean much one way or another after it’s all said and done. Some things just go and make themselves better without needin’ anybody messin’ around with it. Ain’t no need to be strugglin’ against it being this a-way. It’s kinda the way things are. Things take care of themselves I reckon, and the way I figure that’s about as good as it’s gonna get for us. So just let it be the way it is, and it’ll work out in the end, you’ll see. They ain’t nutten to it.