Remembering Independence Day

History tells us that the original thirteen colonies acheived freedom from the European monarchy through open defiance and through war. Blood was shed and lives were lost, as the colonial people refused to live under the rule of tyranny and oppression from a distant oversea power. Resorting to violent means and action, the founding fathers and the fledgling nation sought to gain independence and autonomy from their former rulers. Idealism was established. Powerful words were written. The human heart responded from a place within that could not be denied. Patriotism was born. 

Today, we mark the anniversary of that magical time when men acted in accordance with a sensed universal truth, that freedom was worth dying for. That a free life was valued and the goal towards which the human should strive. Do not be deceived that perfection was attained however, for many sentiments of those times were merely surface-notions. The native people had been subjugated, their lands stolen, and the treaties denied. Despite this great act of historic evil, those same native people would stand along side the nation of subjugators and assist in wars in which it fought later. Veterans can be found within the tribal lands easily, and many laid down their lives as well.

Honor requires recognition of this fact, and in remembering the Day of Freedom let us turn our heads towards the sky for a moment and offer our prayers to those who have died and to those who forgave and offered themselves alongside with other young men in war, all those many who are called Americans.

The true human being values personal freedom and natural liberty, and would die for the cause of a universal truth. What justice remains but maintaining the rights of the individual and the rights of a nation of people? To awaken to these notions and ideals would bring a peaceful surrender away from violent action, and towards a life of acceptance and forgiveness. To avoid the mistakes in history, let us begin instead to learn from it and allow freedom for all and liberty to everyone, including those whom we label as “enemies”.

Is the cause of peace worth the ultimate price again? The battles remain to be fought, yet against whom do we fight now but ourselves, our fellow man, and our own ignorance and forgotten idealism? Life is sacred, and each life has meaning beyond the surface of its appearance. Let us remember who we truly are, free individuals gathered together in this time and place with the power of action to make a difference. Exercise what freedom remains and be as you are, a unique creation with a vision all your own. What do you choose for the day, what do you choose for the future-to-come, and what would you remember of the past?

No outside force can dictate their terms to you without your approval. No nation or people can destroy the honor of your own true self. You are independent, on this day and all others as well. Celebrate as you will, act as you choose, and remember all those who have fallen and who still sleep in memory. Stand along with those who value freedom and liberty for all. Stand beside those who have awakened to their utter humanity, and may peace prevail on this earth forever, and now, and today.