All Life is Sacred

Black lives matter. White lives matter. Red lives matter. And all others as well. Every life matters, truth be told.

Some much has been forgotten. If there ever was a “soul of humanity” it is in dire straits now, or rather, it has been for some time and is now only rearing one of its many ugly heads further out of the ground in which it has hidden.

Did you forget? This is a nation built through human-slavery and by near-genocide of all the indigenous people, a country founded by slave-owners and some who were white racists (their idea was that the red folk were uncivilized, uneducated, barbaric, ignorant, and undeveloped intellectually—that the white man was better than the red man. And of course the black slaves as well).

Is this fair? Is this right and moral? Whatever happened to that fellow’s idea, the one who they said walked on water, talking about love for your fellow man, and turning the cheek and such? People talk about revenge, and justice being served as retaliation to the cop-killers who make all cops deserve to die. Is it: “An eye for an eye and we all go blind”, or something to that effect? Is that what the race is going for? What is it trying to do? Control everything, control all elements of the environment? Without any hope of ever controlling themselves? What harmony we have achieved! What great balance we have with our world! 

But cops are folks who go into that work for what reason? To be above the law maybe? To get free donuts? Or is it to protect and serve? To represent the law for their community and help keep some semblance of balance and justice in the community? How many go into it just for a job and paycheck? Folks with all the faults of any other person— is there any moral check on those who are hired and become armed? What is the extent of the training that the potential officers receive? Can anyone just get into that line of work? There are so many people now on this earth, babies being made by flawed and unfit people who have no sense of purpose in their own lives, no idea of having a life outside of just making a family, just passing along and projecting their problems onto their offspring. Many people have children just because….well, you know why. Just for the fun of it, to sweat it up some, then bingo! Pregnant. Good plan there. Another generation of people with no sense of purpose or belonging. Unwanted pregnancies! Some start there…

The poor fabric of society, the loss of morality, the social injustices, whatever. All kinds of terms and such to describe the pitiful human race that just doesn’t seem to want to mature and become better, that seems to enjoy being a victim and is just waiting for someone to come along to fix it all. Like a child, thinking that mother will make it better. Unfortunately, “Mother” is hurting right now and has no time for you. The human race is still in its infancy, being at times a bully and then at times a playground victim, not sure if it will ever grow up or how. So much forgotten…

Cop-killing. Well, the race is probably not supposed to kill. Period. Probably a good idea. Seems like it’s an old, old law, and an old idea. To take life only to survive through food consumption. Not to indulge in a hot dog eating contest, or hunting duck and deer and fish for sport. (Oh the arguments for that; argue from anger to defend your poor actions regardless of a truth— ALL LIFE IS SACRED!). Not to execute some of the sorry members of the human race for their crimes. Not to punish an offender with death. Or even to kill a bug or scorpion because you are afraid it will hurt you and your almighty self, or because it was its destiny to cross your path and face your ignorance and anger…

Life is sacred, but that idea is nearly lost. For us “Americans” it probably went away with the natives. For all their own faults, at least they tried to achieve some type of harmony with their environment, not rape it to death. To use all parts of an animal if possible. To give back to the land something. Not to just take, take, take whatever you want. What greed! The balance with nature is done and over for now in this land. So much is forgotten.

Now the latest display of our social and human problems comes out as cop-killing. What a waste of our energy and efforts. People talk about discussing these things so that the issues and contrary ideas can come to light, and we can try to find a common ground of agreement. Seems like we need to go back to the starting basics. Respect for life. All life. The plant, the animal, and the human. Every speck of energy even, truth be known. All life. All lives. All colors of life. And… all actions perceived. All is sacred. (Elaboration on this can be found through some historic “holy” person’s writings I imagine. Should be easy enough to find.)

Everything is related. Don’t you dare pretend otherwise. Your own personal attitude determines more than you can know, and contributes in ways that can be unexpected. Your ideas are highly important, even when flawed or distorted. The basic premise, all life is sacred, is a good, steady, and reliable place to start again. It holds water, so to speak. Give it a try.

Or, go indulge in some cigs and such, never giving thanks for any little plant life that was given up, and ignoring everyone’s effort that went into getting to you your Marlboro or herb or unhealthy burger. Eat more than you need and feel sick or slow afterwards. Pretend to shoot some people through your “Call Of Duty”. Insist that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Spend your own energy frivolously as if you are rich with an over-abundance that can never run out. Watch sports and drink beer. Have no gratitude for anything. Be as self-centered and as filled with self-importance as you have always been, and argue with each other and see how many people are killed throughout the world today. Then go to sleep, little children, while the adults clean the House…

Ignorance is bliss, knowledge a burden. Will it be the hard road of decisions, or the path of least resistance? The choice is yours. And as always, regardless, be well.