Escaping the Trap

Besides the journey of Alice, there is your own tumbling trip through the hole to consider. So far, from my own search through the crazy tunnels, if the conspiracies have any truth to them, then the conclusions drawn are that one cannot trust:

—the air (see: Chem-trails; weather-modification; HAARP; geoengineering)
—the food (see: GMO’s and their harmful effects over time)
—the water (see: harmful effects of fluoride and unfiltered chemicals)
—the world governments (obviously, far too many to list)
—the Mainstream Media (Press, entertainment, music, etc.—all corporate-owned)
—the Police (too many to list, easy to find the evidence)
—the Banking and Economic systems (see:The Federal Reserve, the IMF, owned by the Elite)
—the US Constitution as practiced (see: separate constitutional laws used by government)
—the world militaries (see: overthrown rulers, wars , false-flag attacks, etc.)
—the religion of Christianity, as practiced (see: “Thou shalt not kill”, but “Turn the other cheek”)
—one’s own thoughts or ideas (see: the shadow-aliens theory)
—personal creativity (see: science suggest creativity is mental illness)
—the Medical field (see: vaccine studies; genetically-modified births)
—NASA (see: refusal of UFO data, Project Blue Beam)
—your fellow man (see: Red Pill/Blue Pill, sleeping sheeple)
—the future of the human race (see: Georgia Guidestones and world population reduction)
—any postings on the international network of computers (see: CIA-sponsored propaganda tactics)
—nature, the external environment (see: Darwinism, Survival of the Fittest theory)
—Science (see: chip-implants on wrists and in ears, mechanical model of universe)
—the human body (see: toxins already in system and their effects on the brain)

So, what or who gets the trust, in such a reality proposed by all this information? Answer:

—the “inner self” which is one’s direct and personal link to All That Is God.

Faith, it seems once again, comes into play. To believe in something aside from any external sources, which may be corrupt and have their own agendas which aren’t for the individual’s benefit or fulfillment, negates believing in anything and everything that is received by any method—including all theories, ideas, systems and beliefs that do not coincide with personal intent. The individual privacy that cannot be influenced by anything—that one final interior source within that defies all, resists all, and can negate all that goes against its own intent—is the only thing that remains to be trusted. Self-knowledge therefore becomes necessary. Intent must become aligned with the personality’s desires. Freedom can then become a matter of fact, and easily expressed. The beliefs and ideas of childhood—when action and exploration was firmly and securely matched to the exterior world, and was a given “fact” of existence—are the keys to independence from any outside influences.

Trust, then, reaffirms itself as the “modus operandi” and becomes possible again. Trust, and believing in one’s self and one’s own good intent, is one of the keys out of the messy room of illusions and distortions that this world has become. To think and recognize that your actions are meant for good, in some way and in some manner, even if on the surface it seems otherwise— but, the race isn’t ready yet for that, not developed yet enough, to know that it can trust itself. How could it? It appears that it merely wants to be told what to do and how to do it. Personal authority is given away, the authority of the individual’s own sense of integrity and its right to existence. That your actions can and should be expressed as they arise— no way the human race is ready for that. (Trust an impulse? Trust your desires and instincts? Forget that! You must be crazy!)

Too much fear, greed, and distrust, too little knowledge and understanding. Too little awareness of the nature of reality and what being alive means. Too little self-awareness. Like children that refuse to learn or that have no great teachers to explain the situation and why it has become what it has become— beginners all, except for the few rare moments in life when someone comes along who is beyond the distortions and illusions and shares their point of view.

Where are the real heroes? Where are the true human beings who can make a difference in peoples’ lives and in the world? Do they hide in the shadows afraid to come out? Do they refuse to share after all? Do they keep the new and revolutionary ideas to themselves? (Of course not, a true person reveals and shares what they have, and forget the fear! To hell with that! )

Or have we settled for the illusion of false heroes? The great rubber ball-bouncer or the most-excellent tackler on artificial grass. The rubber-ball kicker on a wide open field with others? The man who swings a club for a living? The next American Idol who sings like an angel from some conventional heaven? Or the poor individual who fell “hook and sinker” for yet-another Banker War, returning home without all his limbs? How about the guy with the magic mouse-hand who gets paid to click a button to imaginatively kill other players in a video game? ? Or is it the public liar who smiles slyly and dances at inappropriate times for all to see?

Who is a hero? Where my people at? Perhaps they are few and far between. Should we hold our collective breaths, waiting? Oh, but to have and follow the heroic impulse that comes to mind!

Seth said : “To me, it is almost inconceivable that, from your position, any of you seriously consider that the existence of your exquisite consciousness can possibly be the result of a conglomeration of chemicals and elements thrown together by a universe accidentally formed, and soon to vanish. So much more evidence is available to you: the order of nature; the creative drama of your dreams that project your consciousness into other times and places; the very precision with which you spontaneously grow, without knowing how, from a fetus into an adult; the existence of heroic themes and quests and ideals that pervade the life of even the worst scoundrel – these all give evidence of the greater context in which you have your being.”


–on that note, peace, be well, and keep breathing…