The “Live and Learn” Lie

Ahh, so many fingers to point, so many names to call, so much educating to be done. So much suspicion and distrust, so many illusions believed and reinforced. What great distractions! What good times we have! Must be fun after all…

But… perhaps no edifice or construction that was built on such a poor foundation, as was this “country” built, is meant to last for any great length of time. Can it remain sturdy with such poor beginnings? And what cornerstone was placed first? What idea or dream started this…thing you mean when you say the word “country”?

The “official” histories say one thing, yet to truly doubt, shouldn’t we question everything? I was taught in school that the western “civilizing” of this land was started by a bunch of folks seeking religious freedom, sailing away from the European powers, etc. etc. Or was it started when the African slaves were brought over to help “rape” the land and got an economy rolling? Or was it when the two coasts were finally brought together by transcontinental railway, which was supposedly built by the other “slaves” (the Asian folks that were tricked or suckered into coming here for the gold and got stuck), around about the time we finally got the “vicious” natives out of the way? Not sure the cornerstone. The word “freedom” is thrown around a great deal, so why not that?

Well then— weren’t they free to do whatever they want to do back then? And isn’t any government or corporate agent/shill/provocateur/employee/etc/etc, free to do whatever they want to do? And aren’t you? The consequences, however, are another thing entirely, but are you not free to act as you can so choose to do, even now?

You can correct peoples’ semantics all day or dazzle them with brilliance, preach your own ideas or guess at someone else’s, follow your own personal illusions, accept your indoctrination, swallow the entire cupful. Whine, cry, blame, discuss, teach, or ignore. You are still free! Even an “entity” such as the USA, Inc., has the freedom to do whatever it wants. Some would say, demonstrably so.

Survival—isn’t that what’s taught as the Way of the World, the inherent quality of nature and ourselves, something stamped into our very genes and whatever else “they” say is inside our bodies ruling us? The struggle of the very flesh to stay alive. Survival. Never “sacrifice”. Never a sacrifice to a cause, nor to an Ideal. Not to anyone or anything. Never giving. Always taking, and wanting more. Mine, mine, mine, Me! (That sound about right?)

Never a conscious mind. Never a conscious decision. Always it’s something else—the government, mother nature, instinct, genetics, the environment, the “unconscious” or devilish subconscious mind, demons or secondary personalities, reptile-aliens and fluoride, the NWO elitist Georgia Stone-making banker-boy in the shadows of an abandoned school with a gun, the constant electromagnetic radio waves bouncing from the Sky-haarp to the airplane-clouds and straight through any tin-foil hat of measurable strength, the aluminum air-dust we breathe, and the radioactive GMO-based corn-syrup purified by a useless Brita filter made from abortive human baby tissue— the war-stress done got me down! My meds! My meds! I need my meds! More, please. (You people kill me with your crap. You got meds for meds now, and meds for all those meds! “Please see your doctor if you show any signs of— “, and then more meds. Probably an app for that. Seriously? Cellphones like that? You guys kill me. I recently saw a television commercial for a cellular telephone application for a visit to the hardware store! Geez Louise! )

But again, never is it a question of the deliberate act of a conscious mind or an aware human being that is the problem or root cause of the problems in the world. Nothing to do with one’s attitude or outlook or any “imaginary” mental activity. Always something else to blame, always someone else not living or doing what we say is right. Always something wrong. Always something to fix.

My deal? It’s “you people”. That is, “You people are…” such and such. “You people are” this, or “You people are” that. But really, you people are… something else.

Fact is, we created this world. Made it into what it is. Our choices and actions, individual and as a whole, including all of our knowledge and ignorance, all our ideas of victim-hood and heroes, all our triumphs and tragedies, our endless and childlike fascination with extreme contrasts and dualism— everything that got us to this point. We made this world what it is. Don’t like it? Get out! Or change your world. Not the world, your world. Whatever it is that makes your world, whether it’s the meeting rooms or the cubicles, the stockrooms or garages, caring for your offspring, or playing or talking about sports. Maybe for you it’s Art. Or Music. Whatever it is that defines your world. It sure isn’t mine. My world isn’t so bad. But shit happens. You just wipe it away and do it all over again—it’s so very natural.

Fall down? Well, get up and walk again. Or have we outpaced ourselves and are so off-balance that we are ready to tip over so hard that we never rise again? We are in this thing together, remember? But I must say folks, that you have let me down in many important ways. Some good and great accomplishments (loving the A/C, the heaters, and tissue paper!), but the tragic misdirection of your combined energies has made some truly horrible actions and events.

Live and learn? What a lie. We just get better at doing what we do, seeking control over all elements of the environment. That includes people and ourselves of course, even as we fail horribly, along with the external physical world we perceive. Common morality and human decency seem a long way off for the current group-at-large, that is, it’s a long way off for ourselves.

If we can stay upright and not fall down yet again, that’s really where we are.

So, where you at?


—peace out