Demons in the Rough: The Evil That Is Yoga

[in response to the words coming out of the Catholic Church recently, about how yoga is just as evil as reading Harry Potter— this information is out there in the world-wide-web-we-weave if anyone is interested. Yes, there does seem to be somewhat of an uproar over it. As I have never read Harry Potter I can’t respond to that portion, but as far as “yoga being demonic”, that I can respond to. Below is my response that wasn’t posted on a supposedly independent website; perhaps the length of the response was a problem, but sometimes the words flow so effortlessly and I see no need to stop the urge to “soapbox”. So I have copied and pasted it below. Enjoy or not. Your choice. But choose wisely young grasshopper!] 


… just Wow. I mean, all of the article and nearly all of the comments. Wow.

No wonder the world is in such sorry shape. Do people still cling to ideas and dogma that are 2000 years old or more? Has the race learned nothing since then, in all that time? And do you still want to fight and argue about who is right and who is wrong? Wow. And some very intelligent people too believe this idea and agree, intelligent sounding no matter how tied to a system they seem to be. Who was it that said, “I must make my own system or be enslaved by another man’s”?

Demons, after all. Really? I guess we have never tried to understand some of the workings of the human brain and mind and the “abnormal” human personality. Multiple and secondary personalities, for example, manic depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder for example, autism or mental disabilities at birth— sure there are many more conditions that also would have been labelled as “demon possession” back in those ancient days, when the workings of the mind were as yet unstudied. Do we insist that nothing has changed? Is it still demons doing all the dirty work? Are we still to follow the easy dogmatic terms that were used back then?

In Christian terms, is it a fallen angel that, even though defeated and cast out already by Big Sky Daddy and wrestled to defeat by the Man Himself— is it still the boogie-man that hampers all of our noble works and endeavors to do good work? Or rather, is it the extremely fearful, stressed out, fanatic, greedy and unfulfilled people and their own poor actions and decisions that cause the issues that are so detrimental to the entire race, and to nature, to occur? Sure, it’s nice to play the Blame Game. There is also checkers and chess…

Clinging to the cages of a system grown too restrictive and that doesn’t expand along with man’s increasing knowledge and new discoveries— what can be expected when some people still hold onto outdated ideas from millennia past, things that are taught to be “absolute truth” when very young and that are never questioned more than an easy thought, a small thrusting of mental activity that is more like a surface scratch and makes no dent into the assumptions that are held as “truth”?

—-I would think that the similarities of the religions are of importance here. Example: a co-worker at a small company, a former Catholic turned Baptist, said that he wasn’t allowed to question anything, that he could only go by the study-program for the week, or whatever it’s called, and wasn’t allowed to go outside the Church for answers. Some set-up there! And another other co-worker, a Muslim, never heard about the water-to-wine miracle that was described in the Bible— asking me secretly what it was about, while saying that he would get in big (physical) trouble if his fellow Muslims found out he was interested in Christianity. And a Wiccan co-worker (yes, quite a diversity and it was really cool, also a Jehovah’s Witness was there, and of course me, the outsider of them all! ) —the Wiccan said that it is like all the religions are trying for the same thing, just coming from different angles. The Muslim had said the same thing to me in private. The Christian guy, he didn’t like that idea at all when I shared it. Go figure. But it’s about being good. Being fulfilled. It is about kindness and all the rest of it. Helping others if not helping yourself. Respect for religion can come, when the practitioners realize that it too is a system, and not an absolute. Until then…

It is almost as if fully grown children are still afraid of the “dark”, and won’t go outside after the “light” has gone. As one who has “danced wildly in the dark”, who has had a “dark wind blowing though my soul”, I admit freely, there isn’t anything there to fear. But you do take your own crap with you of course. Just like anything else. Even your common sense too, or lack of such. Today’s seeds though, become tomorrow’s…whatever. Karma too. And a person can learn from any experience. “Sometimes you have to go through a field of weeds to find the rose”, as a wise person once said to me and that I will never forget.

I think it just bothers me too much to be silent, especially in this day and age, especially that, when we need some real hard “soul-searching” now more than ever— that people will refuse to acknowledge that we the people, we the human race, with all our good intentions and all of our distorted ones, from long days past and up to the present moment, have done some truly amazing and wonderful things, as well as the terribly disgusting and horrible acts, but instead of taking responsibility for our actions and of allowing it to happen in the first place and changing what we can, the blame or the credit is ultimately given to external agents or beings of whatever kind. This article, it’s demons. Another time, it will be the “evil NWO elitists”. Another time, it will be the aliens. (Some even say “demonic aliens” in their comments…What’s the next one going to be? Ah yes, SkyNet, the evil A.I. that was really behind it all along, don’t you know! … )

So much for the human race and its actions both constructive and destructive, both poorly wrought and those that are greatly fulfilling. So much for taking responsibility for our decisions. Oh well, so be it, and please excuse the tirade: the NWO alien-devil from ancient times masquerading as a dirty politician, he made me do it… That, and the computer…

Wow… (Sorry Beck, but sometimes everything isn’t “Wow!” )