No Applause Needed

Being a victim, powerless, helpless, and without the ability to respond from a place of personal strength or integrity— so many folks have fallen for that entire lie: 

You are without power, a helpless victim of others; you have no right or power to act on your own. You cannot display any sign of independent action because you are weak and fragile and can be hurt in so many ways, and physically even; your sense of self is so fragile that you may even be a victim of some nefarious external controlling influence that you know nothing about; you are so weak and without your own sense of self-responsibility or self-worth; you are a random creature devoid of self-determinism, at the whims of the uncaring universe in all its harsh terms; you are fallen from grace, tainted with original sin and so vulnerable, so weak, that you must pray and hope the devil leaves you alone, or else you will do evil; you are at the mercy of events which are beyond your control; you must seek retribution for this sense of powerlessness, and sometimes you can even create a lawsuit to prove how wronged you were and how much you were a victim, by seeking justice in the courts with an apology of real fake money. (And all this is just fine, normal, expected even…)

Helpless, can’t do anything anymore. Or, you are a victim of programming and false information, and unable to change the situation. Just hurry up and wait for it, right? Then you can deal with it (“it”, the upcoming disaster or the economic and social collapse, that “thing” that’s mentioned so much that’s just waiting to happen or is happening already in many folk’s opinions). There will be ways you can deal with it though, if and when “it” happens: you will be told how you can act and how you cannot act, and what you can or cannot do; you will be told what to eat, where to sleep, what work to do—if you make it to that point, that is. —Is this what people want for their future? To be controlled? Hasn’t there been enough of that yet? Or is there still too much wool over too many eyes? Control seems contradictory to freedom. A bit of discipline is needed, obviously, and respect for others, but control? — Control yourself!

A hard truth beats a soft lie any day. Truth is probably important. Yeah, it’s probably a good thing to speak and act as honestly as possible. But victimhood? Powerlessness? Nice try, and a nice lie. And good job at being the bully! And a bully needs his target, doesn’t he? But let’s all applaud the effort anyways, with one hand turning like a queen in a parade and making an ugly face along with it. Cheers! Hooray! Victimhood approaches! —Hey, wait a minute. It’s already here…

“For he’s a jolly good fellow” — Stop. You cannot say the word “he” anymore, are you crazy? And the rest of it, just wow… so wrong on so many levels! Ah, “right and wrong”, that’s it— the limitations of a system that has become too tight and restrictive. Whaddya expect though, when all the “outs” are blocked off? The caged-yard of a system can’t grow bigger unless you knock down some barriers and set them further out. Dressing-up the “fences” with new conditions doesn’t help, it merely delays the inevitable.

Expansion, not constriction, is the idea. But just “keep on keeping on”, folks. The old saying, “Power to the People”— that’s all in the past. And now, for the present moment of action… what say you? Eh?
—-peace out / good luck / etc.