The New Age “Conspiracy”


In response to anyone who thinks that the “New Age” movement is wrong or deliberately geared to harm mankind and is evil, or is a part of the grand “conspiracy” to cause folks to turn away from their religions:

—I must say I disagree. You probably knew that already though…!  

What we have mostly today, generally speaking, are watered-down sympathies and distortions, extended superstitions and nonsense, and old religious beliefs disguised as something fresh and new, the “same old-same old” just dressed up in new clothes.

Good spirits versus bad spirits, for example—- that’s usually a common enough theme in “New Age” circles. Difficult to know the good without knowing the bad, right? Can’t know light without the dark, correct? That old duality-bit that still keeps the race tied up in mental and emotional knots—isn’t it time we grow up and move beyond such limiting ideas?

Not to go too detailed into it, but even in the terms of Christianity itself, there is only God the Creator, the One who created all things, including that fallen angel that gets mentioned far too often as the real culprit of the wrongs that occur. But remember, that fallen one is just that, an angel, not a god, not a powerful entity that controls and hampers the world with his evil that fearful folks will quickly jump to announce, “The devil made me do it”. Even in the terms of Christianity itself he is weak, cast out, fallen, and not worthy of a speck of attention from anyone. And yet, folks will insist that he is the cause of all our problems, and his worshipers get riches and rewards for following his cause. Really? This is childishness of the the worst kind. To actually believe that some fallen and defeated “angel” is controlling and causing all the disgusting and terrible actions that occur in our current world-stage— so much for man’s errors and unsolved human issues. So much for the greed and deliberately harmful decisions and actions of a human without morality or decency. Guess we are perfect and make no mistakes on our own, eh? Always the devil made us do it…

But on the other side of the equation/battle, the good. So again we have a God, the one true Creator, who causes all the good to happen, who controls the world through His actions and intentions, and by that concept any good that occurs comes from Him. This is just more of the same thing but from the good side. And since we have a world like we do, then it may follow that God has gotten slack on the job, or He has given up on us, or we have lost our grace and blessings. More of the same distortions. So much for the goodness of the human being. We must not have any goodness in us. It’s not us doing the good work. The efforts on the parts of decent people to change the world for the better is from God, or it’s His hand in the matter. So much for being blessed by our Creator and having a choice in the matter, right? There goes personal responsibility for your actions, since it never was you, it was either God or the red-colored boogey-man. Such childish ideas. Is this as far as we have come?

As far as the conspiracy being pushed about New Age, that it is part of the “plan” to undermine mankind’s religions: then why wasn’t the Seth Material “made” popular and why isn’t it getting traction now? Why isn’t it getting pushed and becoming popular? It was after all one of the first kinds of “New Age”-ism to come around, back in the crazy 60’s. Would it be because it cuts through the nonsense, cuts through the distortions of our limiting ideas, despite what ideas are in it that cause people problems getting their heads around and understanding?

Seth spoke of probable, alternate, and parallel realities, dreams and mass events, belief systems and reincarnation, All That Is God, Christ, and taking responsibility for your own actions and decisions. He spoke of the next coming of Christ and predicted the state of the world by the time this would occur. He predicted that nationalism would be gone, the Catholic Church would be out of power, and that there would indeed be a one-world government. (Like some would say, the snowball effect cannot be stopped, it is too late to change the outcome and there is no hope to stop it because the efforts for a NWO have been going on for far too long.) Then Seth predicted that the Christ would return, but by that time our race would be in even worse-shambles than it already is. Christ’s presence would go unnoticed by and large, but that His presence itself would begin to help change the world for the better. A massive ripple effect that would spread throughout the world. Not that He would come to take the good folks to heaven and it’s the end of the world as we know it—as many folks think when they go to the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible— but rather we would then have a chance to make corrections and learn to stop our violence towards one another. A chance, not a guarantee— we could still mess up and keep killing and fighting each other and who knows how long this may go on?

But I do like what Seth has to say about the medical establishment and all the problems inherent in that system, some hard in-your-face controversial comments and ideas that describe an accurate picture of what we have now and have learned and discovered through this world-wide-web-we -weave.

Quote: “Your current ideas of preventative medicine, therefore, generate the very kind of fear that causes disease. They all undermine the individual’s sense of bodily security and increase stress, while offering the body a specific, detailed disease plan. But most of all, they operate to increase the individual sense of alienation from the body, and to promote a sense of powerlessness and duality.”

More: “The idea of prevention is always based upon fear – for you do not want to prevent something that is joyful. Often, therefore, preventative medicine causes what it hopes to avoid. Not only does the idea [of prevention] continually promote the entire system of fear, but specific steps taken to prevent a disease in a body not already stricken, again, often set up reactions that bring about side effects that would occur if the disease had in fact been suffered.”

And UFO’s. The ideas he has about UFO’s are something. And then there is this, early 60’s:

“Hypnotism will become more and more a tool of scientific investigation. Telepathy will be proven without a doubt, and utilized, sadly enough in the beginning, for purposes of war and intrigue. Nevertheless telepathy will enable your race to make its first contact with alien intelligence.”

The so-called Law of Attraction that some folks have termed: “There is a short-circuiting process in which even good intentions are distorted and turned to other purposes. That which is feared is feared so strongly and concentrated upon so intensely that it is attracted rather than repelled. The approach should not be fear of war but love of peace; not fear of poor health but concentration upon the enjoyment of good health; not fear of poverty, but concentration upon the unlimited supplies available on your earth. Desire attracts but fear also attracts. Severe fear is highly dangerous in this respect and in this context.”

Concerning what we eat : “It is true that your food contains chemicals it did not in years past. Yet within reason man is biologically capable of assimilating such materials, and using them to his advantage. When a man feels powerless, however, and in a state of generalized fear, he can even turn the most natural earthly ingredients against himself.”

Concerning All That Is [God]: “a creator that can know itself as a mouse in a field, or as the field, or as the continent upon which the field rests, or as the planet that holds the continent, or as the universe that holds the world”.

On the next coming of Christ: “By that time [the year 2076], all religions will be in severe crisis. He will undermine religious organizations — not unite them. His message will be that of the individual in relation to All That Is.”

Lastly: “Any scientist who believes that life has no meaning has simply provided himself with what he thinks of as an unfailing support against life’s vicissitudes. If he says: Life has no meaning, he cannot be disappointed if such is the case, for he is ensconced in a self-created cocoon that has meaning, because it provides a cushion against his deepest fears.”

—-some conspiracy! And to think, people actually believe that anything that goes against their religion is evil and that it must be orchestrated by the elite and powerful in order to undermine their beliefs in God and destroy their religious sentiments.

Imagine instead if Christ actually returned, and what a huge and powerfully dramatic influence that would be from then on. His very presence would be enough to “turn the tide” and once again change the course of human history. It would be His presence in the world that would “undermine religious organizations”, since they have grown stale, dead-ended, dogmatic, and constrictive in their bureaucracy and execution. Personal freedom seems stunted to me, when a religion can dictate how a person should act and how a person should be or try to be.

Oh to pray that His return is soon! Because quite frankly, even with a possible return of Christ, I don’t see how the world is going to get out of the mess we have created. Too many innocent lives lost and used by others, too much pain and suffering experienced. Too much power in the hands of a few that by their actions do not have good intentions in mind for the entire world. I pray it isn’t too late, but I hold my breathe for no dream or prediction from anyone.

I can imagine though, and hope…and yes, I will pray as well. A focused mind can do wonders. Let’s all focus and pray for a better and more fulfilling world, here and now…