We Are The World: Tat Tvam Asi


—-the living flames of life, single stabs from the dark unknown
shining into the world of flesh and blood and bone.


We are the entirety and the specific, the vague and undefined.
We are the sheep and the shepherd. We are sleeping and we are awake.
We are power-mad and we hunger for more. We are weak. We are strong.
We are the humble and the divine, we brave ones far from the shore.
We seek not the truth of life, but rather its illusions. We laugh. We cry.
We seek to control all things, and to stave off death forever.
We want to live our lives in peace and quiet.
We want war. We want destruction. We want pain. We want sorrow.
We need to be controlled. We are not worthy of being free.
We do not trust anything or anyone but after a long fight.
We defeated cannot complain loud enough to be heard.
We live. We die. We are deaf and blind to the pain of our others.
We lie and deceive, cheat, steal, murder, destroy.
We cause harm to all things. We do not question what we create.
We are selfish, and we are damned. We are blessed, and we are divine.
We play at being God the Uncaring, God the Distant, God the Forgiving.
We believe only what our limited eyes and hearing reveals.
We seek peace. We seek hope. We seek each other for help.
We are lost and afraid. We cannot bear to change. We change.
We are bullied and threatened. We are killed for another’s profit.
We starve, we shiver. We sweat our lives and energies away.
We are full and warm, and we are content within the dark.
We are the champions of truth. We are the seekers of justice.
We stand for those who are fallen, and we fight for those who hide.
We are all things grown together into one. We pray. We deny.
We are the world entirely, and all its parts great and small.

We are the hackers and the activists, the elite and the mad.
We are the reporters and the wealthy, the famous and the unknown.
We are the starving children on the streets, and those who are abused.
We are the victim and the hero, the judge and jury, and the executioner.
We are the government officials and the silent majority. We are all.
We listen to ourselves when convenient, and we ignore the uncomfortable.
We dream, we sleep, we work, we play. We watch, and we wait.
We are Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, and the Prophet. We are all things as one.
We are Hitler, Churchill, Kennedy, Butler. We are all good. We are all bad.
We are every soldier killed during battle. We pull the triggers. We make the bombs.
We are the generals who cheer for your graves. We cheer for our own.
We are the slain, innocent and guilty alike, connected beyond time and space.
We forget. We remember. We love, and we honor. We hate, and we forgive.
We live, we die, and the mark we leave behind never fades.
We hold to our deepest ideals, and we always search for our others.
We are what is reflected on the glass of the human eye.
We depend upon our others who betray us, and we have earned it.
We are unkind. We are unjust. We are kind, and we are just.
We trust our others, and we do not return it.
We are ashamed, we are at fault, and we deserve everything we do.
We are the gullible, the mighty, the powerful and powerless.
We the large and small, we the hidden and the open,
We meet in another time and place, here and now, then and there,
As we walk the road together, our journeys hand to hand.