A Life Worth Living


into the light


[in dedication to those who have moved forward]

As a body begins its residence in this world,
and the human spirit follows a plan from above,
birth marks the beginning of a new existence
that will never be repeated by another.
From the earliest days forward
and throughout the span of a lifetime,
each act large and small touches other lives
in ways that are known and unknown.
We are blessed with our time in this world
by designs we may not understand,
by a divine right that is present at birth until death,
and as we look back and remember,
we can glimpse the signs of a hidden hand
that had guided us throughout all our days.
A life worth living: creating something
where nothing had been before—
filling the empty places of the world
with our touch and shared life,
giving a part of ourselves to others,
to our family, to our friends, to our neighbors,
and finding and living the hopes and dreams
that come from within ourselves,
that are ourselves as we wish to be,
moment by moment, and day by single day
—each act simple and each certain life
becoming eternal in its own time,
as we become eternal in ours.
What had started with the birth of one life
becomes more than is ever expected,
as one life creates another, and more:
we give back to our others the gift
that we were so freely given,
so that others can continue
what was started so long ago—
a time and a place for everyone,
a time to live and a time to grow,
space to exist in this world for however long,
until the work of the soul is completed and done.
We then sleep and rest from our work and labors,
as we pass from this world into the next,
returning to that one source of all creation
that holds us lovingly in its embrace, forever.