I have started this blog here, my very first one, as an attempt to follow whatever inspirations may come, and get them recorded for now on something other than paper. I titled this area “The Simple Way”, as it was a name that seemed to fit the “me” of “me”. I should have known that since it was so vague, there would be other sites or groups that have the same name, or ones similar to it. Often I don’t think these things through.

But I am in no way connected with any other groups outside of my own immediate family—that’s more than enough for me to handle, and I haven’t done so well even with that lately. But times are changing after all, and hopefully for the better. The room for improvement and development is vast.

I will use this place spontaneously, except for any creative poetry that may be posted—those will be considered more, perhaps. I do go back and edit a bit, without losing the original ideas hopefully.

I would like to thank those who have inspired me—those teachers and writers that still speak inside, and the family and friends who have helped me even when I didn’t know it—you all know who you are. My gratitude cannot be expressed vocally as well as it can with the written word: my tongue gets tied and races ahead, and I would probably get teary-eyed and choked up anyways—but hopefully I can say it here, if nowhere else, without over-sentimentality getting in the way. Thank you from the bottom, the middle, and top of my heart.

Finally, I would say, Greetings from North Carolina!  I have no idea how these things go, so I will just have to “wing it” and hope for the best.


Be well as always




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