Message from the Stars


(A Fictional Account: a dream-interpretation of an “other-world species”, speculations of which can be found posted somewhere by someone throughout this world-wide-web we weave)


“We are here, and we will approach only when certain of your intentions. That is more important than merely stating your wish or desire. The intensity behind your intention determines the level of our involvement with you.

“Our appearance however is quite different from your own, in ways that are difficult to explain, although we retain a bipedal form. Our faces, for example, being that area upon which you would focus initially, have markings or what you would perceive as protrusions along the cheek areas, and since this is unusual to your own images we would proceed slowly in our contacts. How you would look upon us is important in more ways that can be explained. Our neck area, the neck itself, appears thicker than does yours in most normal cases. The thin-neck image that you have imagined of us is a distortion of the actuality. Yours is the thinner neck. The muscular and physically-balancing connection between your bodies and your localized brain-center is more fragile than ours is. To us, it appears that you have a tenuous connection to your physical body-self. You may understand now that we have retained a closer alliance with our physical and natural selves than you have, but your race has dared more than we have in that regards.

“The risk was your own and of your choosing, to be separated from your animal-natures in a unique and creative venture, as you developed a certain type of consciousness of self that had not existed before or been attempted before in other systems of realities. The risk may have been great, but the reward was, in your consideration, worth it. Freedom is always implied and guaranteed, regardless of how a species chooses to develop.

“We do not wish to be aggressive towards you. We can exercise a great control over ourselves and we do this in our communications as well, since we have learned to handle our energy in ways that you have yet to explore. It is one of the reasons for your existence at this stage of development, to manage the energy at your disposal without creating faulty constructions. Naturally, to perceive our presence or any presence that exists outside of your frame of reference can result in excessive emotional responses, one of which is a basic sense of fear. To indulge in that fear, however, causes unnecessary difficulties, but these difficulties can be avoided in several ways. Being calm emotionally, being peaceful within yourself, or even seeking to assist us in our own endeavors, would grant you some control over your fears that seem to come far too easily, and it would as well help to reveal your intentions towards us. That ultimately is the deciding factor, how you choose to interact. Communication, through any means, is determined through the intensity of the energy projected outward.

“We will proceed slowly and deliberately in any case. We can recognize those who are ready to communicate with us, and so we do. But our natural method of communication between members of our species does not involve words or projections of images, although we have learned how to do this from others. We convey information to one another through what you would call touch and smell, and it is the manner in which we transmit naturally. We had to learn the use of sound, as it was not native to our physical organisms as a predominate sense. It was for us, as the sense of smell is for you, always present yet in the background of sense-data, predominately perceived at so-called unconscious levels of awareness.

“By learning sound and its potentials we learned how to transmit an image along with the sound-form. Sound, the use of it, was an important development for us. What you would call an image-form we created and transmitted to one another through the sense of smell or what you might describe as heat-forms, and the sense of touch is for us, as sight is for you now, a predominate method of organizing sense-data. We are, in very real and obvious ways, alien. We are not a slightly different but similar species. We are alien.

“Touch, the exchange of energy by directly contacting your physical body, relays the data that we would communicate, and as this data is received and translated into image-forms that you create as part of and based upon your personal symbology, we watch your reactions closely. This gives us the information of your intentions, by watching your interaction with this touch-data. You automatically form images which we can now perceive. This is native to your type of consciousness. The symbols that you use show us your mental climate and we can then interact with those images and symbols further if we choose. Or we can again touch to communicate more. It is a fun endeavor, and we enjoy watching the images that you create. We learn so much in this manner since it is not our natural or automatic mode of perception. Just as you would first look at us, since it is your main mode of perception, we would first touch, since it is ours.

“Distortions arise however as you attempt to interpret our actions. This is unfortunate, and in many cases, unavoidable. The sense-mechanisms get confused at your present level of development. This does not happen with all whom we contact. Some are able to interpret their experiences without distortions. We cannot determine the nature of your response. It is a risk that we take in our attempts at contact, knowing that the possibility for distortion exists.

“We have learned various methods of perceptions and communications through our continued existence as a race of beings, and we are aware of our position as a species. Co-creators with All That Is, our lessons and challenges were just as difficult as yours, but since we retained a close connection to our animal-natures we moved through the stages of development rapidly and with more regard to our environments. We are still connected to the natural environments in which we inhabit, but we are not like you.

“We are to you, alien, but we are in awe of your species and the bold creativity that you possess. It moves forward and impresses the physical systems with an intensity unlike any that we know. There have been other races that have had similar or even greater propensities of creative energy and action, but we are removed from them to a great degree. Legends and myths are all that we know of them at this time, and these serve as idealizations, frameworks toward further developments for us. Always there is something new in any case, diverging pathways that didn’t exist before, in terms of time and its framework of reference. So it is true to say, we pursue our own dreams as well, and our wish is that our paths may exist peacefully and cooperatively through fulfilling actions, whatever course you explore.

“Always there are greater purposes that remain unknown and that continually develop, towards which all may strive to achieve and realize.”