The New Age “Conspiracy”


In response to anyone who thinks that the “New Age” movement is wrong or deliberately geared to harm mankind and is evil, or is a part of the grand “conspiracy” to cause folks to turn away from their religions:

—I must say I disagree. You probably knew that already though…!   Continue reading


No Brain No Pain: Catch and Release


fish with hook


“It’s okay to eat fish, ’cause they don’t have any feelings” —the song-lyrics say it all, and Science backs it up: “There’s no neo-cortex in the brains of fish”, so munch all you want folks. Catch and release even. Especially that. It doesn’t matter one whit. No damage is being done. Keep walking. Look away. Nothing to see.  Continue reading

Demons in the Rough: The Evil That Is Yoga

[in response to the words coming out of the Catholic Church recently, about how yoga is just as evil as reading Harry Potter— this information is out there in the world-wide-web-we-weave if anyone is interested. Yes, there does seem to be somewhat of an uproar over it. As I have never read Harry Potter I can’t respond to that portion, but as far as “yoga being demonic”, that I can respond to. Below is my response that wasn’t posted on a supposedly independent website; perhaps the length of the response was a problem, but sometimes the words flow so effortlessly and I see no need to stop the urge to “soapbox”. So I have copied and pasted it below. Enjoy or not. Your choice. But choose wisely young grasshopper!]  Continue reading

The Game of Peace

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine”

I have my time-card in hand and I’m watching the clock.

The previously announced moment has come and gone, so I am anxiously awaiting the next strike of midnight.

Not this time, they say, but rather, now. This moment. The earth will end on…well, this time let’s say 2001. No? Okay, how about 2035? Or maybe 2076?

They keep missing. Score one for the drive of the human spirit. Keep insisting you are right, you cute little blind squirrel. Continue reading