Demons in the Rough: The Evil That Is Yoga

[in response to the words coming out of the Catholic Church recently, about how yoga is just as evil as reading Harry Potter— this information is out there in the world-wide-web-we-weave if anyone is interested. Yes, there does seem to be somewhat of an uproar over it. As I have never read Harry Potter I can’t respond to that portion, but as far as “yoga being demonic”, that I can respond to. Below is my response that wasn’t posted on a supposedly independent website; perhaps the length of the response was a problem, but sometimes the words flow so effortlessly and I see no need to stop the urge to “soapbox”. So I have copied and pasted it below. Enjoy or not. Your choice. But choose wisely young grasshopper!]  Continue reading

The Game of Peace

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine”

I have my time-card in hand and I’m watching the clock.

The previously announced moment has come and gone, so I am anxiously awaiting the next strike of midnight.

Not this time, they say, but rather, now. This moment. The earth will end on…well, this time let’s say 2001. No? Okay, how about 2035? Or maybe 2076?

They keep missing. Score one for the drive of the human spirit. Keep insisting you are right, you cute little blind squirrel. Continue reading

All Life is Sacred

Black lives matter. White lives matter. Red lives matter. And all others as well. Every life matters.

Some much has been forgotten. If there ever was a “soul of humanity” it is in dour straits now, or rather, has been for some time and is now only rearing one of its ugly heads further out of the ground in which it has hidden.

Did you forget? This is a nation built through human-slavery and by near-genocide of all the indigenous people, a country founded by slave-owners and white racists (their idea was that the red folk were uncivilized, uneducated, barbaric, ignorant, and undeveloped intellectually—that the white man was better than the red man. And of course the black slaves as well).

Is this fair? Is this right and moral? Whatever happened to that fella’s idea, the one who they said walked on water, talking about love for your fellow man, and turning the cheek and such? People talk about revenge, and justice being served as retaliation to the cop-killers who make all cops deserve to die. Is it: “An eye for an eye and we all go blind”, or something to that effect? Is that what the race is going for? What is it trying to do? Control everything, control all elements of the environment? Without any hope of ever controlling themselves? What harmony we have achieved! What great balance we have with our world!  Continue reading