Prophesies, Predictions, and a Small Red Pill

The prophesy was not a good one—the prediction paints a dire scene. It is our world though, and it has become too much filled with strife and pain, struggle and death, dishonor and distrust. Some say that the people choose to remain asleep, and only small sparks of hope in this darkened world remain. Will they be enough? 

The domestication of the human animal has continued for far too long. Children are beaten into submission, threatened with solitude, lulled by technology, and ridiculed and bullied by their peers—conform! Obey! Forget your true self! Do as you are told and find your place in the society that is created. It is the safest thing for you to do. Become independent or teach others of freedom, and you risk your execution which we commonly call assassination or “accident”. The greatest lives are snuffed out so easily. Blink.

Forget what you know or knew. Listen to this instead: propaganda rules your lives. The messages are crafted to keep you in line. There is no sanctuary. Government, schools and churches alike— someone has the authority that you give away and forget about having for yourself. Loud and ponderous words and speeches, ranting and raving lunatics screaming their agendas—all trapped animals teaching other trapped animals how to be.

Impulses! Spontaneity! Creativity! And now!

The new has yet to come; the old remains still. Tired and worn-out patterns of thought and idea, dead ends that circle back to where we have already been, a dog chasing his tail or worrying a bone—no newness but repetition. No creativity but rather a world of stale air that stifles the spirit and mind. Loss of trust, constant fear never faced, and the need for external validation—never looking into the mirror of self-reflection but asking others instead for their opinions. Flesh knows. The body knows. A billion words to explain a simple moment of insight, and still missing the mark.

Words fall short. Words can never explain. Satori or any other label, enlightenment, illumination, revelation, whatever—knowing is the easy part. Being cruel or vicious enough to actually insist upon one’s own independent actions and interests when it goes against the dream-like existence of the domesticated human race— that’s the difficult part. It takes courage to act in accordance with one’s own personal vision. Courage, and a refusal to live to the standards of others. The outsider, the oddball, the very strange person that doesn’t fit in with the rest— all unique individuals that stand for themselves and their own vision. Self-honesty.

All and each are unique, blessed with a vision particularly suited to one’s own existence. It’s the natural state of the human personality, to have that inner life of self that can never be threatened or lost. The one final place where all conflicts are dissolved and contradictions fade to finally merge. Words fall short. Intention clears the path. The mental edifices that open to one’s intention are there to be taken, or to be ignored. Doors open and close. The breath comes and goes. The smell of yesterday circles round the entire world, riding with the flow of the wind.

Breathe. Relax. Dream. Remember. Imagine.

And there you are.


“It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine”

I have my time-card in hand and I’m watching the clock.

The previously announced moment has come and gone, so I am anxiously awaiting the next strike of midnight.

Not this time, they say, but rather, now. This moment. The earth will end on…well, this time let’s say 2001. No? Okay, how about 2035? Or maybe 2076?

They keep missing. Score one for the drive of the human spirit. Keep insisting you are right, you cute little blind squirrel.

A few quotes:

“You get what you concentrate upon, there is no other main rule.”
“If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.”
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
“I think for myself, no man can think for me.”

—-So again with the amateur doomsayers and self-made prophets, I hear them spouting their remarkable theories for the end of the world, a run-down list of misery and world-wide tragedy, focusing upon all the horrible conditions which we have wrought upon the planet—-like an itch that must be scratched, and scratching it makes it feel so much better, right? Doesn’t really help the healing process, but hey, it’s your body, do what you want with it. Same thing with the planet. Do what you want. She ain’t going nowhere. We might, but she’s not.

It’s your planet. It’s everyone’s planet. And if you think that the majority remain asleep while the house is burning, allowing the minority to set the place aflame right under their noses, then that is their right as well. Free will— what a beast!

Face it: as bad as the doomsayers and others paint the global picture, we all allowed it to become what it is. We all created it. Don’t blame lack of knowledge, or disinformation, or whatever word of choice, to be an excuse. Everyone knows deep down inside what has happened, what is happening, and what will probably happen. Everyone’s at fault, if anyone is. A group effort it was and is, and it takes all pitching in and doing their part—-the sleeping sheep counting sheep, the elite and ignorant power-brokers playing with human lives like small tokens of exchange, the over-excited adult-children with all their new technologies to try out on an unsuspecting planetary population—-all work together to bring about devastation of the earth.

It wasn’t something that just happened. Even many great writers played their parts, creating stories of future turmoil and fascist societies, technologies become destructive forces of control, the soul of mankind trapped by its own scientific creations. It took time to get this far. Time and effort. And desire. Don’t forget desire. It’s what everyone wants anyways, so there it is. If Big Brother takes the stage, it’s what the human race desired and allowed. So be it.

But hey, it doesn’t really matter one whit. Not one single bit. All the dire and horrible occurances don’t add up to much in the end. In the end, it’s light’s out, game over, go to sleep, dream, and re-awake. It’s not like you lose your soul or anything, if you have one. Not like you can actually be killed and ended forever. You go to sleep, dream, and eventually re-awaken. All the worry and struggle and strife amount to nothing. Well, actually, it does. It makes it worse.

Focusing and concentrating on any one specific thing or facet, to the exclusion of anything else, is adding to the reality of that upon which you focus. Like a magnet you draw it to you, until it is all that can be seen or noticed anymore. The intensity determines the nature of the experience. And if it’s something you would avoid or choose to not experience and yet you focus upon it instead, painting dire scenarios and circumstances in the future that you then imaginatively play with some more in your mind as if it’s happened already or is going to happen, making it even more real to you in your thinking process—-well, that doesn’t really serve your purposes now does it?

Instead, when faced with such a dire possibility or eventuality, try to simply acknowledge the situation, be brutally honest about it and about yourself, consider it fully as something real and true, face up to it, take responsibility for it and so forth, and then think of the solutions or possible actions you could take to counter that situation or eventuality. But be practical, and do not indulge. The indulging gets you every time: it exaggerates the future. Even if you think that the situation is not your fault directly, that it is your parents’, your grandparents’, or your older relatives and your ancestors that allowed it to happen—it is somewhat your responsibility now, especially considering that you live here and it’s your planet also. And you care about it and what shape it is in. Especially that. If you didn’t care, you would probably not even read this, or this far. If it sickens you, then let it do so. If it means nothing, then move along to something else. Be honest however. A blind eye doesn’t see, so it can’t turn away.

But since you do care, then quit bemoaning the state of the world, quit listing all the faults and errors, quit spouting your dire prophesies and predictions— quit thinking in those terms at all. Instead, enjoy what life you have, enjoy whatever activity you can in your present moment, enjoy the beauty and grace of nature and know that she will be just fine, with or without us. Know that we can’t harm her beyond the mere surface-scratches we inflict. She will kick us out long before she lets us bring her down. It won’t be us destroying the world and ourselves— it will be us no longer worthy of living here or deserving of life here. The animals that we have known do not go extinct because of our actions. They go because we are not worthy of them, and not worthy of sharing this time and space with them.

Truth is easy. A lie must be wrestled into shape.

So, …. off with their heads! Murder cheat steal hate. Bang bang game game. Tackle, kick, punch, box, press a button. Play cowboys and Indians, doctor and patient, victim and judge. Pretend you’re a superhero. Go bounce a ball.

Laughing all the way to the empty bank, with a head full of false notions and nonsense.

“Peace sells, but who’s buying?”



The paranoid talk about where the country and world is heading, towards a Orwellian society where free thinking is lost—-fact is, those who discuss such things have already lost their freedom to think. They have succumbed to their own propaganda already—they cannot think about anything freely, they are instead playing out a part. Bemoaning the state of the world, as they see it becoming worse and worse, contributes to the actuality of it. 

You get what you concentrate upon, there is no other rule.—-simplicity itself. In focusing their efforts on delineating the problems so thoroughly, they increase the issue and make it more real. Rather than using their freedom of thought, they have instead fallen into the cycle and plan laid out by others, the past writers and thinkers that have already envisioned such an Orwellian society or similar situation, and any powers that be who strive towards such a society. Why not think along different lines? Why continue to focus on the negative aspects? Does that not increase the reality of it? The outline is already known. Harping on it and writing about it doesn’t really help. It makes it more real. Fear then, and stress, worry, paranoia—these help to paint the picture more fully in all its dire consequences.

Love of peace, not hatred of war. Love of freedom, not hatred or fear of social slavery. The emotions create the avenues in which the thought-processes flow. Propagandaists know this instinctively. Generate the emotion of fear and paranoia, then a little suggestion of thought, and the individual will then complete the rest with their imagination. It only takes a spark to get the fire going. And the emotions are the fire, while the flames are fanned by suggestions. Just a little bump in the direction that’s desired, and the individual will follow right through.

Thinking comes first now. As a child and unable to think, the emotions did take precedence over thinking. Thinking wasn’t possible at an early age, not full-blown rational and conscious thought. But as the child grows into its reasoning abilities, then the emotions become secondary, they become changeable, they become manageable. Thinking determines feeling, not the other way around.

So back to the basics, the four F’s. Fear is the one to consider. It is always present in some sense and it drives the individual in ways that often go unnoticed. When feeling is not given its rightful place, when it becomes the dominate element of action rather than thinking, then fear is likely operating. Fear of thinking or risking a new pattern of thought— to dare the limits and spread mental wings to take flight, changing a point of view. Bird’s and bull’s eye.

So, in painting the dire pictures of a futuristic Orwellian society, simply put, it is fear that’s behind such imagined dilemmas, and not rational or reasonable thought-processes. You create your own world and world of experience. You get what you concentrate upon. Even if there is this world-wide paranoia that has set in, even if world events and actions could be seen as leading into such an Orwellian society, because humanity is creating its own reality and shaping its experience—if that’s what the world wants, then so be it.

“More power to ya!”



Besides the journey of Alice, there is your own tumbling trip through the hole to consider. So far, from my own search through the crazy tunnels, if the conspiracies have any truth to them, then the conclusions drawn are that one cannot trust:

—the air (see: Chem-trails; weather-modification)
—the food (see: GMO’s and their harmful effects over time)
—the water (see: harmful effects of flouride and unfiltered chemicals)
—the world governments (obviously, far too many to list)
—the Mainstream Media (Press, entertainment, music, etc.—all corporate-owned)
—the Police (too many to list, easy to find the evidence)
—the Banking and Economic systems (The Federal Reserve, the IMF, owned by the Elite)
—the US Constitution as practiced (see: separate constitutional laws used by government)
—the world militaries (see: overthrown rulers, wars , false-flag attacks, etc.)
—the religion of Christianity, as practiced (“Thou shalt not kill”, “Turn the other cheek”)
—one’s own thoughts or ideas (see: the shadow-aliens theory)
—personal creativity (see: science suggest creativity is mental illness)
—the Medical field (see: vaccine studies; genetically-modified births)
—NASA (refusal of UFO data, Project Blue Beam)
—your fellow man (see Red Pill/Blue Pill, sheeple)
—the future of the human race (see Georgia Guidestones and world population reduction)
—any internet postings (see CIA-sponsored propaganda tactics)
—Nature (see Darwinism, Survival of the Fittest theory)
—Science (see: chip-implants on wrists and in ears, mechanical model of universe)
—the human body (see: toxins already in system and their effects on the brain)

So, what or who gets the trust, in such a reality proposed by all this information? Answer: 

—the inner self which is one’s direct link to All That Is God. Faith, it seems once again, comes into play. To believe in something aside from any external sources, which may be corrupt and have their own agendas which aren’t for the individual’s benefit or fulfillment, negates believing in anything that is received—including all theories, ideas, systems and beliefs that do not coincide with personal intent. The individual privacy that cannot be influenced by anything—that one final interior source within that defies all, resists all, and can negate all that goes against its own intent—is the only thing that remains to be trusted. Self-knowledge therefore becomes necessary. Intent must become aligned with the personality’s desires. Freedom then becomes a matter of fact, and easily expressed. The beliefs and ideas of childhood—when action and exploration are firmly and securely matched to the exterior world and are the given “facts” of existence, that is, remembering that innate innocence, easy self-expression, and natural and rightful existence —those are the keys to independence from any outside influences.

Trust, then, reaffirms itself and becomes possible again.



Ahh, so many fingers to point, so many names to call, so much educating to be done. So much suspicion and distrust, so many illusions believed and reinforced. What great distractions! What good times we have! Must be fun after all.

But… perhaps no edifice or construction that was built on such a poor foundation, as was this “country” built, is meant to last for any great length of time. Can it remain sturdy with such poor beginnings? And what cornerstone was placed first? What idea or dream started this…thing you mean when you say the word “country”?

The “official” histories say one thing, yet to truly doubt, shouldn’t we question everything? I was taught in school that the western “civilizing” of this land was started by a bunch of folks seeking religious freedom, sailing away from the European powers, etc. etc. Or was it started when the African slaves were brought over to help “rape” the land and got an economy rolling? Or was it when the two coasts were finally brought together by transcontinental railway, which was supposedly built by the other “slaves” (them Asian folks that were tricked or suckered into coming here for the gold and got stuck), around about the time we finally got the “vicious” natives out of the way? Not sure the cornerstone. The word “freedom” is thrown around a great deal, so why not that?

Well then— weren’t they free to do whatever they wanted to do? Be the victim, be the slave. Revolt or give up, surrender and submit, runaway to death, or bow to the master’s whip. And isn’t any government or corporate agent/shill/provocateur/employee/etc/etc, free to do whatever they want to do? And aren’t you? The consequences, however, are another thing entirely, but are you not free to act as you can so choose to do, even now?

You can correct peoples’ semantics all day or dazzle them with brilliance, preach your own ideas or guess at someone else’s, follow your own personal illusions, accept your indoctrination, swallow the entire cupful. Whine, cry, blame, discuss, teach, or ignore. You are still free! Even an “entity” such as the USA, Inc., has the freedom to do whatever it wants. Some would say, demonstrably so.

Survival—isn’t that what’s taught as the Way of the World, the inherent quality of nature and ourselves, something stamped into our very genes and whatever else “they” say is inside our bodies ruling us? The struggle of the very flesh to stay alive. Survival. Never “sacrifice”. Never a sacrifice to a cause, nor to an Ideal. Not to anyone or anything. Never giving. Always taking, and wanting more. Mine, mine, mine, Me! (That sound about right?)

Never a conscious mind. Never a conscious decision. Always it’s something else—the government, mother nature, instinct, genetics, the environment, the “unconscious” or devilish subconscious mind, demons or secondary personalities, reptile-aliens and fluoride, the NWO elitist Georgia Stone-making banker-boy in the shadows of an abandoned school with a gun, the constant radio waves bouncing from the Sky-haarp to the airplane-clouds and straight through any tin-foil hat of measurable strength, the aluminum air-dust and the radioactive GMO corn-syrup purified by a useless Brita filter made from some stolen and abortive human baby tissue— the war-stress done got me down! My meds! My meds! I need my meds! More, please. (You people kill me with your crap. You got meds for meds now, and meds for all those meds! “Please see your doctor if you show any signs of— “, and then more meds. Probably an app for that. Seriously? Cellphones like that? You guys kill me.)

But again, never is it a question of the deliberate act of a conscious mind or an aware human being that is the problem or root cause of the problems in the world. Nothing to do with attitude or outlook or “imaginary” mental activity. Always something else to blame, always someone else not living or doing what we say is right. Always something wrong. Always something to fix.

My deal? It’s “you people”. “You people are” … such and such. “You people are” this, or “you people are” that. But really, you people are… something else.

Fact is, we created this world. Made it into what it is. Our choices and actions, individual and as a whole, including all of our knowledge and ignorance, all our ideas of victim-hood and heroes, all our triumphs and tragedies, our endless fascination with extreme contrasts and dualities— everything that got us to this point. We made this world what it is. Don’t like it? Get out! Or change your world. Not the world, your world. Whatever it is that makes your world, whether it’s the meeting rooms or the cubicles, the stockrooms or garages, caring for your offspring, or playing or talking about sports. Maybe for you it’s Art. Or Music. Whatever it is that defines your world. It sure isn’t mine. My world isn’t so bad. But shit happens. You just wipe it away and do it all over again—it’s so very natural.

Fall down? Well, get up and walk again. Or have we outpaced ourselves and are so off-balance that we are ready to tip over so hard that we never rise again? We are in this thing together, remember? But I must say that you have let me down in many important ways. Some good and great accomplishments, but the tragic misdirection of your combined energies has made some truly horrible action.

Live and learn? What a lie. We just get better at doing what we do, seeking control over all elements of the environment. That includes people and the external physical world we perceive. Common morality and human decency seem a long way off for the current group-at-large, that is, it’s a long way off for ourselves.

If we can stay upright and not fall down yet again, that’s really where we are.

So, where you at?