Was the Message of Christ High-jacked?

(yet another attempt to delve into certain religious beliefs and terms that are held by so many others, as a possible way to make a “bridge” or to use what is already there. Perhaps the effort is futile, perhaps it is not, but while freedom of speech remains and that lane is still open, I will take the shot from my poor place on the court . . . )


Straight to the point, folks.

Question: why were the words of the newer message from Christ gathered into a book along with the older religion of the Jewish people? The first part of the “official” Holy Bible, the old testament, has a great amount in it about retribution, God’s wrath, and destroying those who did not follow or worship the “correct” God. Why was the new message of Christ and the messages of love, peace, and forgiveness grouped together with the old ones of death and destruction? The apparent contradictions are far too many to ignore— the stories of death taking place in the Old Testament are far too many to list— but it follows that most folks are taught this without question, as if a person isn’t supposed to even notice the conflicting views.  Continue reading

An American Poem


The ideal American poem is one
commercial long and the product
readily available.

And white, so very white,
the welts and cuts
on the backs of

price-tags slashed daily,
marking them down to nothing,
hardly nothing at all. It’s hard to get away

from the free giveaway’s
and this stock won’t ever run out.
“You know you want it!” so much bang

for your buck, the fresh sticky marks
on the fingers and hands
from a brand spanking

new dollar bill. The ink didn’t dry,
“buy-now and pay-later”,
charging it off for

a future yet to be.
So come on down
and check us out,

we have exactly what you
need. If not we will
by tomorrow, guaranteed!

(this message brought to you by the makers of . . . )

The New Age “Conspiracy”


In response to anyone who thinks that the “New Age” movement is wrong or deliberately geared to harm mankind and is evil, or is a part of the grand “conspiracy” to cause folks to turn away from their religions:

—I must say I disagree. You probably knew that already though…!   Continue reading